Innovative Marketing Webinar Platform Grows its Influence

Innovative Marketing Webinar Platform Grows its Influence

NOW is a Community Marketing Webinar Platform that gained an enormous clientele during the COVID-19 quarantine. Internet users needed software that will provide several tools necessary for a quality online engagement. At the time, most websites offered one good tool but none offered all of them in one place – until UC. NOW appeared.

Although UC. NOW was not only created by the time Coronavirus started, it was a unique chance for this Community Marketing Webinar Platform to show a large audience its great worth and it worked! Thanks to its excellent performance, innovative Onsite Event Technical Services and powerful features, UC. NOW became a favorite tool of top-class companies and educational institutions in Hong Kong.

Users of UC. NOW have full control of their events. They can use the registration center to invite members, organize webinars, design their channels, upload, and access materials and use the Onsite Event Technical Services at all times. All those options and many more attracted users from the entire region.

Considering the success of UC. NOW in Hong Kong, experts predict its expansion to the international market. The Community Marketing Webinar Platform of this type is needed worldwide; people in Hong Kong can be proud to be the first ones to use it.

The founders of UC. NOW invite educational institutions, recruitment companies and all interested internet users to join the trend and take advantage of this powerful software. They can use the Onsite Event Technical Services to contact the UC. NOW representatives and improve their online engagement methodologies automatically.