Tsuen Wan Dining at the Nina Mall Attracts Locals and Tourists

Tsuen Wan Dining at the Nina Mall Attracts Locals and Tourists

Nina Mall is famous for many reasons. Some of them are the delicious Tsuen Wan dining and a spacious Tsuen Wan parking that allows visitors to enjoy the mall without worrying about their vehicles.

Visiting Nina Mall is almost mandatory for tourists. They look forward to trying diverse cuisines and enjoying frequent, interesting events at the mall. Visitors leave Hong Kong with great memories and new, unforgettable experiences! On the other hand, Nina Mall is a gathering center for locals. It is a place where everyone goes habitually and where people can see their acquaintances almost every day. Considering that most of the mall’s guests are returning customers, this center introduced a VIP Club; a program that allows loyal clients to enjoy amazing benefits.

Some of the benefits of the VIP club include great offers at the Tsuen Wan dining. Customers can get specialties for great prices and be the first ones to try out delicious foods from different world cuisines, such as Western delicacies, Asian delights, as well as Chinese cuisines. With over 20 restaurants, the choice is wide! People can order foods that they never had an opportunity to try before and gain new experiences at the Tsuen Wan dining!

Members of the VIP club will receive impressive Tsuen Wan parking discounts according to the amount of money they spend at the mall. They can even get free parking hours!

The representatives of Nina Mall are welcoming all visitors and encourage them to join the VIP Club and take advantage of super benefits that include Tsuen Wan parking, shopping, dining, and all the other activities and events that visitors can take a part in at the mall.